The Denver and District Pipe Band plays a wide variety of traditional and contemporary music that is suitable for any occasion. Marches, slow airs, strathspeys, reels and jigs will lighten your heart and set your feet to tapping.  We also play music for performances of our colorful and talented Highland and Irish dancers.

Competition Sets
MSR Time Limit Medley
The Siege of Delhi – 2/4 March
Ronnie Macfarlane’s Whiskers – Strathspey
Colonel MacLeod – Reel
Jim Thompson of Flagstaff – March
Roes Among the Heathers – Strathspey
The Braes of Tullymet – Strathspey
Eileen Mary Connolly – Air
Honey in the Bag – Jig
 Performance Music
Parade Sets
Lord Lovats Lament/The Rowan Tree/Scotland the Brave
Cabar Feidh
The Green Hills of Tyrol/When the Battle’s O’er
I See Mull/Castle Dangerous
Wearin’ of the Green/Roddy McCorley/Minstrel Boy
Dance Sets
Heights of Dargai – Lilt
Leaving Port Askaig – Flora
Longueval – Tribute
The Braes of Mar/Molly Connell – Fling/Pas de Bas/High Cuts
The Duck – Jig
Barbaras Jig/Glasgow Police Pipers
Gar the Rigger/Bog Down the Valley/Rakes of Mallow Reel
Wearin’ of the Green/Roddy McCorley/Minstrel Boy
Other Music
Amazing Grace
Highland Cathedral
Suo Gan/Charlie MacDonald/John Keith Laing
Auld Lang SyneAnd dozens of other tunes played by our solo pipers.
Past Music
  • Cha Til MacCrimmon – Air
  • Our Ain Fireside – Air
  • Paddy Be Easy – Slip Jig
  • Sleepy Maggie – Reel
  • Kalabakan – Reel
  • Fiona and Gareth – Reel
  • The Garb of Auld Gaul – 4/4 March
  • The White Balmoral – 4/4/ March
  • Mrs Lorraine Symington – 9/8 March
  • The Pikemans March – 4/4 March
  • Horsbrugh Castle – 4/4 March
  • City of Hastings Pipe Band – 4/4 March
  • Andrew Warnock – 4/4 Mach
  • Up to the Line – 12/8 March
  • City of Wellington Pipe Band – 12/8 March
  • St Patrick’s Day – Irish Hard Shoe
  • James Boyce – Jig
  • Rob’s Shower Shebang – Jig
  • 13 Frederick Street – Retreat March
  • Aspen Bank – Strathspey
  • The Ghost of Sybill McPhee – Air
  • Walter Douglas MBE – 2/4 March
  • Peggy Ghillies – Strathspey
  • The Blackberry Bush – Reel